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Centrance Audiophile Desktop System

Centrance Audiophile Desktop System

The CEntrance AudiophileDesktop™ is a new kind of audio product. It's more than a bundle. The AudiophileDesktop brings together years of acoustics and electronics research in one, perfectly matched system, which raises the quality of near field listening to a completely new level. Our breakthrough, compact audio technology is easily transportable and delivers audiophile sound to any desktop or bookshelf.


The unique transducer design in our MasterClass™ 2504 speakers ensures wide frequency responce and extra low phase distortion due to coplanar driver design. The low noise and transparent sonic character of the DACmini™ PX DAC/Amplifier is precisely matched to the speakers, offering premium fidelity right at the desktop.

In the words of one prominent reviewer, the system sounds: "Detailed and accurate, yet retains just enough warmth to appeal to those who enjoy a less fatiguing, more forgiving approach." He goes on to say: "The expansion and articulation of the soundstage is immediately palpable. Tonal accuracy and seamless control throughout the frequency range also characterize the MasterClass speakers, a finding wholly appropriate to a company keenly familiar with the attributes of fine studio monitors." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.


Each AudiophileDesktop system comes in a road-worthy, rugged travel protection case. As described by a reviewer: "The case is strong enough to be shipped without any worries, and small enough to be within specified limits for storing in the overhead compartment, a welcome feature for those who like flying but not leaving things to chance."




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Centrance audiophiledesktop system
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